free stalls, tie stalls, self-locking manger fronts, gates, gate latches, calf pens


Stabling solutions


Suspended Free Stalls

All stalls come with a 3/8" plate for mounting stalls, welded on the end of the tube. Stalls are hot dipped galvanized after fabricating.


Suspended Divide Tie Stalls

  • Various divider lengths
  • Galvanized construction
  • Adjustable headrail support arm
  • Optional milk line bracket available

Self-Lock Feed Front

  • Galvanized construction
  • Available spring loaded bars to adjust neck opening
  • Individual animal release
  • One locking handle operates many sections
self lock.jpg

Calf Pens

  • Bottle and pail holders available
  • Single or double opening
  • Galvanized construction
  • Convenient galvanized slam latch offers easy opening and closing
  • Galvanized spindle panel or plastic panels available


4-Bar Gate

  • All welded construction
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Available in 3, 4 and 5 bar gates

Gate Hinges

  • Galvanized weld on available bolt on hinges

Slam Latch

  • Galvanized construction
  • Available in left, right or double