Construction Features

  • Galvanized sheet metal
  • V-Belt drive with #55 chain reduction
  • Flared sides and hopper
  • Pre-lubricated self-aligning bearings

Operating Features

  • Top drive pulls load rather than pushing it
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage allows easy transportation and height adjustment
  • Handles bales, grain, corn cobs, silage, etc
  • Corn screen optional


High Capacity

Up to 106 tonnes/hour.
(based on 24” wide belt, standard reducer & 0 incline)




Simplified drive system ensures balanced towing capacity.


Handles a wide variety of feed materials


Other Features

8-1/2" Body Depth

PVC Crescent Top Belt is Standard

230 ft. per Minute Belt Speed

Available in 1 Foot Increments

Wing Tail Pulley

Up to 30 Degree Conveying Incline

optional equipment

14, 16, 18 and 24 inch widths available

Galvanized Cover

Discharge Spout

Hydraulic Motor Drive Adapter

Undercarriage with Auto Tires

Sides with Skirting

Belt Scraper

Underhung Drive

Adjustable Stand

Textured or Smooth Top Belts


Conveyor length for 30 degrees incline is determined by multiplying the discharge height by 2. Example:For a discharge height of 10 feet, a 20 foot conveyor would be required for
a 30 degree incline.