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Bearings & more

Bauman distributes a huge inventory of agricultural, general-use, or custom-built bearings of all sorts and sizes, including: ball bearings, pillow blocks, flanges, inserts, collars, sphericals, take up units and more.

Bauman Bearings

Bauman SprocketsSprockets

Bauman's sprockets and pulleys are suited for most applications. In addition to custom sprockets and custom boring, we have a large inventory of roller chain sprockets and hubs for time-saving delivery! AG sprockets, steel pintle chain, steel detachable chain, t-bar chain, implement roller chain, mill chain and many custom made-to-order sprockets are also available.

Bauman Pulleys and BeltsV-belts & Pulleys

Countless belt and pulley items are available at Bauman's, including light or heavy-duty pulleys and sheaves, fixed bore sizes, step pulleys, timing pulleys and flex couplers. Other Items: Bushings, QD, Taper-lock, Weldon Tapered Hubs; Belts including: Classical V-belts A,B,C sections, Cogged, Banded, Linked V-belts and Timing Belts.

Drive it with Bauman drive parts! Bauman stocks or custom-builds all types of bearings, sprockets and hubs, v-belts, pulleys and more.